april showers
your loveblender post makes me so sad. it's true, we can't know the future and whether this time is 'happily ever after' or not. 

one thing i've learned is that relationships take work, especially the 'happily ever' kind. that's what makes them so.
--FoSO Mon May 15 08:06:59 2006
With my recent move out to Chicago, I'm starting to get a glimpse of the real work that a relationship takes. . .it's got me tired, that's for sure.
--The_Lex Mon May 15 12:04:19 2006

I decided not kisrael'ize this in the proper sense, but in some private correspondance FoSO wrote "i hope you find your way, relationship and life-wise. sometimes what you write makes you seem so lost."

That seemed so frickin' melancholy! But deep. Or something.
(Though she followed it with "but a smartie like you should be able to figure it all out.")
--Kirk Mon May 15 16:15:07 2006

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