he's a super neat freak! he's super-neaty.
don't even *jibe*

...sorry, it had to be done.
--Mr. Ibis Thu May 18 11:14:07 2006
Heh, I guess you're right.

But I like jive, and its reference to dance culture, over jibe and its possible yachting origins. So I'm going to wave the flag of "I'm a descriptivist and not a prescriptivist" and not change it, even as I contribute to the decay of English As She Is Spoken.
--Kirk Thu May 18 11:41:36 2006
So, you like things neat and tidy. It doesn't get in the way of anything else in your life or stop you from enjoying it? Does it?
--The_Lex Thu May 18 14:00:57 2006
I like things neat and tidy, historically I haven't found it worth the energy/effort to KEEP them neat and tidy, it didn't seem like a worthwhile tradeoff. But now I'm considering trying to will myself to change that.
--Kirk Thu May 18 14:03:39 2006
I think in the end the neat/tidy thing ends up as win. Since there less time is percieved to be taken up with cleaning, it seems like less work. Each little cleaning job is much smaller than a hug all-day slog to clean the whole house. There may be downsides, I'm not sure, I guess it depends how anal you want to get.
--Mr. Ibis Thu May 18 17:39:50 2006
On the "Jive" front, it's not grammar though, it's the definitions of words.

I suppose that you can argue that "jive==talking with==friendly association" and thereby manufacture a fitting metaphor, but that's a bit of a stretch.

And it's a slippery slat my friend. That one has a plausuble explanation, but it's a gateway drug. Pretty soon you'll be writing "could of", "hammy downs", "rot iron", "thirty yacht six", "it's a doggy-dog world"
--Mr. Ibis Thu May 18 17:55:24 2006
Well I'm sure I'd be deluding myself if I thought I'd become a bona-fide anal retentive about it all... but some shifts in that general direction might not be a bad idea.
--Kirk Thu May 18 17:56:33 2006
Dude, it doesn't sound like your a neat freak. It sounds like your a procrastinating freak. =D
--The_Lex Fri May 19 00:42:54 2006
I am but the two aren't really related.
--Kirk Fri May 19 06:33:17 2006
Really? By bringing up an intense desire to be neat then mentioning a cost analysis convincing you that you don't want to do it, it seems there's some kind of relation. . .maybe not anything direct, but they seem to co-exist in something of a adjacent thought space at least.
--The_Lex Fri May 19 12:32:51 2006
Well, procrastination is a general problem of mine. But generally I don't use the trick of cleaning up to avoid doing something else.

A neat ordered space appeals to me now, but historically, as I said, it hasn't seemed worth the effort.

Getting rid of clutter might help.
--Kirk Fri May 19 12:35:43 2006
Wait. . .are you saying that you clean up a lot but you're not sure it's worth doing as much as you do? I thought you meant that you really want to clean up a lot, but you didn't do it as much as you would like to do so.
--The_Lex Fri May 19 17:12:11 2006
Historically I haven't cleaned up enough, because it wasn't worth the effort. Now I'm trying to convince myself in real time that it's worth the effort.
--Kirk Fri May 19 19:41:48 2006

I'm confused.
--The_Lex Sat May 20 18:55:46 2006
AAARGH, what's so confusing?

I've always probably kind of liked neatness.

I've usually been too lazy to act on that.

I'm trying to change that laziness.

Get it?
--Kirk Sat May 20 21:17:19 2006

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