it all adds up
Actually, the videos on YouTube are pretty easy to save. There's a Firefox extension called Video Downloader that lets you save videos from YouTube, Google Video, etc. Once saved, you can either watch it on your PC or use a conversion tool to convert from the native Flash format to something more portable, like MPEG or AVI.
--Max Sat May 20 15:08:00 2006
From my discussions with people on an ADHD list, people with ADHD really don't have as much conscious control over their focus as that guy makes it sound, even while on medication.

I guess your metaphor about the processor could work. . .if the scheduler is the controller of focus.

Also, from my discussions with people who have ADHD and doctors, one of the problems with Ritalin, Adderall and other stimulant medications is that they actually get too stimulated, so they have a hard time getting to bed or do get too jittery. So I don't believe the whole "opposite" explanation really does the pscyhopharmological explanation of ADHD drugs justice.
--The_Lex Sat May 20 19:00:50 2006
Well like I said, "'"opposite effect' isn't quite accurate in either case." My very rough understanding is that it's always a stimulant to some degree, but for certain people its combined with a calming, focusing effect.
--Kirk Sat May 20 21:15:34 2006
I guess, in the long run, it depends on each individual's brain and body chemistry. Every person has a different reaction to the medications, especially since there's a huge spectrum of chemical variations that bring about ADHD, not just one or two.

In fact, one them affects the brain in a similar way that some kinds of depression do while others affect the brain similiarly to manic depression, etc. etc. Lots of variations.
--The_Lex Sun May 21 16:47:21 2006

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