one time at band camp
you *don't* have your own tuba???
--FoSO Mon May 29 09:05:07 2006
Nope. Every tuba I've regularly played belonged to either my school or the Salvation Army. Tuba/Sousaphone, along with certain percussion and pianos, is in that "frickin' huge" class where the instrument is often provided by the organization, since a lot of students can't afford one.

After college, I had a classic chicken and egg problem... I might have considered joining a community band, but I didn't know how to enquire if they could provide a tuba. But I didn't want to acquire a tuba without knowing I had a band to play it in.
--Kirk Mon May 29 09:23:59 2006
eh? just ask if they'll provide! you're the king of silliness.
--FoSO Mon May 29 10:19:35 2006
It made more sense to me at the time.
--Kirk Mon May 29 10:34:37 2006
*hee* you look goofy all tubaed up. but i suppose that can't be helped.

you're a far, far braver man than me.
--miller Tue May 30 11:19:59 2006
Hello, Dana, Yes there are quite a few people who think they know' Andre and what kind of muaicisn he is and what he should be. There are those who say he has wasted his classical training. There are also a few who think he should not play his rare and very valuable Stradivarius violin. There are many who say he chose popularity over being a member of a stuffy, staid orchestra. He tried that and hated it! He just wants to make people happy, and show them classical music is fun and for the people. I saw him in Adelaide, my capital city, last November. It was just wonderful!. Andre is just a very down to earth kind of guy, who adores his family, and is very generous to his muaicisns. He is, as you discovered, also very funny. I also love the sight gag with the fake bull. It cracks me up every time I watch his, Live in Dublin DVD.
--Sarita Mon Jun 4 07:12:36 2012

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