that was the day
And I was always annoyed that Amazon had me logged in whenever I went to the Website and put the onus of honesty on the current person to say they're not me and log off.
--The_Lex Tue May 30 08:56:57 2006
Yeah, that's a good point. It at least needs to be an option to remember/not remember... you do need to re-enter your password at some stage in the order, even if you're previously logged in, right?
--Kirk Tue May 30 09:04:34 2006

You know they won't feed it grass, though. Corn will always be cheaper, until the government itself collapses.
--Nick B Tue May 30 10:55:06 2006
/real/ fight club? wow, who says we aren't what we watch!
--miller Tue May 30 11:18:58 2006

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