hello, money!
I'm more likely to jump on the money and hug it to my bosom, crying 'Money! Money! Thank god!', which I think is probably good enough.

And I *always* put my money flat in my wallet. Crumpling it up makes it much easier to lose, and is also a pain in the ass for anyone who needs to put it in a till.
--Catherine Wed May 31 10:06:31 2006
That's kind of weird.
--The_Lex Wed May 31 16:46:18 2006
In retrospect, I might have been influenced by an odd Russian joke Ksenia told me, where a boy gets handed an apple by an adult, and the boy's mother says "well, what do you say dear" and the boy looks down and says "Hello, Apple!"
--Kirk Thu Jun 1 08:22:48 2006
Stewarts has great ice cream! If there weren't plenty of great ice cream places near my house I'd say "The should have one here!"
--Candi Thu Jun 1 11:31:41 2006
Oh, right, I guess upstate NY and Vermont are pretty close...
--Kirk Thu Jun 1 12:28:05 2006
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