skinny in the city
I would not even have known it was based on a game, but the impact is still there. Powerful, indeed.
--YELM Mon Jun 5 09:04:10 2006
I've got two DVD burners in my new PC and I've so far gotten by without having to set the region of the second one-- it still handles CD- and DVD-ROMS without having one set. Should I ever find the need, I could safely put it in Region 2 (or, say, 4, so that I could watch the better package that Australian buyers of the "Serenity" DVD had for themselves). But the drive was cheap, barely over $50. Might be a cheaper option than buying a second player.
--LAN3 Mon Jun 5 14:16:57 2006
Kirk, aside from reducing your calorie intake, what are you doing to balance your fitness plan? I hate to be the voice of gloom, but there are more much more effective diets than calorie counters to improve your physique.
--Cole Mon Jun 5 14:35:46 2006
Google, Elaborate Bytes ... DVD Region Killer.
--xoxoxo Bruce Mon Jun 5 14:47:50 2006
In terms of fitness I'm going with the Hacker's Diet scaled plan. Admittedly right now especially it's fairly light, but its meant to scale up in difficulty, while still remaining fairly constant in time consumed, 10-20 minutes, and so can be done strictly every day. Plus it doesn't need props.

Like I've gone into a few days ago, I'm fighting a holding action in terms of nutrition and exercise while my weight gets undercontrol. Trying too many things at once is likely not to suceed for me.
--Kirk Mon Jun 5 15:02:22 2006
if you just get a $20 action replay, then you can play all regions of Gamecube games (plus, it's sorta like a game genie, so it unlocks all the 8-bit games including the original Zelda in Animal Crossing). 4-player Dr. Mario is a blast (it's the same game as Dr. Mario 64)
--james Mon Jun 5 16:31:36 2006
Yeah, that's what I got :-)
Much easier than a hardware hack.
I'm surprised Dr. Mario is so good 4 player, better than Tetris Attack, though the latter is still my all time head to head game champ
--Kirk Mon Jun 5 17:22:58 2006

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