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Re: "yes-and"

funny, i did improvisation theatre a while back and pretty much the one rule we adhered to was something along the lines of "you can't say no". it's cool to see it come back, 10+ years later..
--miller Tue Jun 6 12:35:48 2006
Off-topic for current entry but a quick note in re: to dieting --

Interesting that you note the lifestyle changing aspects of dieting. Looking at it in such a way can make it a psychological issue, too. Example: You mention that you followed a diet successfully before but stopped after awhile. . .is this a habit that you have with other activities and such, too (like even with organizing and de-cluttering. . .I don't see any connections except that you address both issues in your blog a lot).
--The_Lex Tue Jun 6 12:55:52 2006
Often with these things it goes as follows: I get interested in the improvement area, I take action for a while, make things better, go into maintenence mode, and then things drift a bit, but ofthen there's a permanent improveent, just less than what I achieved at my "best"
--Kirk Tue Jun 6 12:59:01 2006
I thought Yes Man was a pretty good book.
--ApM Wed Jun 7 14:23:12 2006

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