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Kinda surprising how many calories we eat, huh?
--The_Lex Wed Jun 7 10:24:32 2006
Woops! I think I'm mainly surprised by how filling or unfilling a certain amount of calories can be. Beans work really well for filling me up and giving me a good balance of calories, vitamins and minerals.
--The_Lex Wed Jun 7 10:25:29 2006
It all depends on the pseorn to be honest.Some people can get them as early as 3 weeks (i did) and other people can be pregnant for 3 months and would never know they were pregnant unless their bellies were getting a little bigger but then u just look bloated at three months any ways.There have even been cases with some women that did not know they were pregnant at all because they had no symptoms.With my first daughter i had no symptoms at all just a uti and that's how i found out because my doctor tests for pregnancy any time theres a uti.My second daughter who is 2 months old now with her i knew right away i was pregnant. It is possible you could be pregnant but only a test will be able to tell you that.so since you were supposed to have your period already your okay now to take a test.You need an early response pregnancy test like the brand first response.It will be the most reliable.Be sure to use first morning urine because hcg levels are more detectable in the morning.
--Amel Fri Jul 13 04:00:32 2012

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