and baby makes EB3!
--FoSO Thu Jun 8 08:52:12 2006
New babies.
God's way of telling us it's going to be okay. Really.
Love & COngratulations.
--YELAS/KELAS Thu Jun 8 13:12:55 2006
Thoughts on al-Zarqawi?
--Cole Thu Jun 8 16:00:39 2006
Good going, Evil B!

Even though Evil Baby is funny.
--The_Lex Thu Jun 8 16:42:24 2006
Congrats to "Not the mama!" and "It's the mama"!
--LST Thu Jun 8 17:50:28 2006
Congratulations, baby I will probably never meet!

And congratulations etc to the parents :-)
--Catherine Fri Jun 9 11:12:15 2006
Thanks so much! It is truly satisfying that not only I like or love the pothos of the moments that I see and try to capture in a photo. I did my very best not to interrupt any one during the ceremony. @Adelle: Hello again : )My goal was to do my very best to give you and the family the most I can  mission accomplished thanks. Let's get those photobooks created soon
--Inu Fri Jan 18 02:36:03 2013

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