photog phriday
how'd that baby get so cute??? congrats again, EB and EBSO!
--FoSO Fri Jun 9 07:49:00 2006
Adorable, and look at all that hair! My niece and nephew were bald their whole first year! Congrats! And nice photo of Kirk too, very Bono from U2 in the Zooropa days. Kirk the rock star. Love the sanrio/hardware critter. the real critter is cute too, lest I be considered a kitten snubber.
--ErinMaru Fri Jun 9 12:29:31 2006
yeah? and what about the strawberry kumquat army??
--Kirk Fri Jun 9 15:14:46 2006
Thanks, FoSO. I think Mom is responsible for all the cute. Oddly, she is also responsible for the 9lbs, 6 ounces, which is almost exactly her birth weight.  I was only 6 lbs, 7 ounces. 

However, I might be responsible for the big head. :)

----EB Sun Jun 11 05:27:54 2006

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