i scream, you scream... no really, there's reason to scream here
Have you ever had some Russian candy that's made out of sesame or something like that? I did, and I really like it. Too bad I forget its name.
--The_Lex Sat Jun 10 13:18:18 2006
At a block party back when I lived on base, one of my neighbors came up with some jalapeno ice cream. It tasted like green or poblano pepper, except that it was spicy as heck. Cold and spicy. So weird.
--LAN3 Sat Jun 10 15:54:50 2006
Also, meat in gelatin is a common element of classic French cooking, except the gelatin is a savory aspic. And given the relations of France and Russia (pre-revolution Russia), it's entirely possible France's where the dish started.
--LAN3 Sat Jun 10 15:56:19 2006
Very possible.... I've picked up various traces of fracophilia in the Russian culture...
--Kirk Sat Jun 10 16:55:41 2006
Head cheese is meat in gelatin. Tell her she can make fun of it. Our culture certainly does.
--X Sun Jun 11 03:34:49 2006

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