con air... it's not just for appliances any more
You've seen Fargo, right?
--Nick B Mon Jun 12 11:12:45 2006
Been a while.
--Kirk Mon Jun 12 11:58:34 2006
There's some talk that, among the Guantanamo prisoners, there was a myth that the camp would be shut down if there were 3 suicides. All I know is that their cellmates will certainly get straight 4.0 for the summer Quarter.
--LAN3 Mon Jun 12 12:33:16 2006
"generally funny-lookin'"

Con Air is one of Adam Carolla's favorite movies to mock, particularly because of the beginning. A guy comes home from defending democracy, and the rednecks not only bother him in the bar, but gang up on him outside the bar.

Nicolas Cage seems to take rather unique roles, even if they're occasionally in overblown action movies. John Cusack, on the other hand, is usually in shitty romantic comedies. I used to confuse him with Ed Norton, but no longer.

TiVo, what the hell made you think I wanted to watch "Serendipity"? I hated the idea of that movie since I saw the trailer in a theater.
--Nick B Mon Jun 12 14:09:26 2006
Good point. I hadn't thguoht about it quite that way. :)
--Bertha Sat Dec 10 15:05:57 2011
HAPPY OPENING TODAY! Of cos it'll be a fine day cos it's my bday as well! I wish you all the best wishes for a smtooh sailing and successful kindy. God Bless Always!
--Samuel Thu Jan 17 17:36:44 2013

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