kisrael's syndrome: acute neurological hypochondria
If you identify people by hairstyles, then your inability to identify Nicolas Cage is even more baffling.
--Nick B Wed Jun 14 11:59:55 2006
well, I can identify him, more or less. It's just I was mixing him up with Cusack. I'm pretty good at telling them apart now... maybe it has something to do with the roles they tend to play? I dunno.
--Kirk Wed Jun 14 13:11:33 2006
That whole backwards-time thing is interesting. Apparently Gorillas conceive of time in the same way. The ones who speak sign-language explained it to us.
--Mr. Ibis Wed Jun 14 16:36:37 2006
That might be the case, Mr. Ibis, if it were possible for Gorillas to converse with ASL (or any other language) but evidence of this is sketchy.

--LAN3 Tue Jun 20 00:30:07 2006

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