bite me!
Apparently they filmed a Girls Gone Wild segment in one of those parabolic jets, the same way they filmed the zero-G scenes of Apollo 13.

Suddenly, those planes became a lot less cool.
--Nick B Thu Jun 15 13:10:19 2006

Actually, "Boobies in Zero G" sort of sounds kind of cool to me. Though it kind of removes some of the "girl next door" pitch of the series.

--Kirk Thu Jun 15 14:35:36 2006
I hadn't know
got eat alive
Tim at works think

Bit of a hurry today?
--xoxoxo Bruce Thu Jun 15 19:48:54 2006
Guess so! I sometimes forget to proofread. Though I believe I ran spellcheck.

The interesting thing, to me, about these typos is that they're not "slip of the finger"... sometimes I can even figure out the form of error, for instance, the n in hadn't probably "let" me neglect the n at the end of known (since the sound was in my brain, the checker assumed it was taken care of). The migration of the "s" from "think" to "work" has a similar root.
--Kirk Thu Jun 15 19:59:38 2006
And my first thought when reading xoxoBruce's comment was... Worst. Haiku. Ever.
--Kirk Thu Jun 15 22:21:27 2006
Probably a better idea than giving the Katrina victims credit cards: Why not give them food stamps? That's a little more regulated. . ..
--The_Lex Fri Jun 16 00:05:38 2006
How much beyond food can foodstamps buy?
--Kirk Fri Jun 16 06:26:56 2006
Toilet paper and other necessaries. But you do have a point. . .what about clothes?
--The_Lex Fri Jun 16 22:15:47 2006

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