gain 23 pounds in 14 months!
You could try my "attempting to save money while job searching diet." A bowl of Cheerios, a soy yogurt and a glass of orange juice with some flax seed oil in it for breakfast. In the afternoon, a soy pudding, an apple and a CLIF bar then eat whatever at night. Also helps to walk for an hour or two during the day. Not necessarily the healthiest diet, but it lost me 20 pounds in about a month.
--The_Lex Mon Jun 19 02:20:46 2006
Err, as you can see from the end of the chart, I think I'm on the right path on my own.

I did flax seed oil for a while on this thing w/ Mo. Bleh.

Part of the idea is that I'm still eating about the same stuff, maybe slightly wiser choices because I don't have too many calories to play with, I'm just eating less and being aware of the calorie count.

Flax seed oil. Ewww....
--Kirk Mon Jun 19 06:33:14 2006
Flax seed oil isn't all that bad when mixed with orange juice, cranberry-peach and mango nectar.

As for the diet stuff, it was just an idea!
--The_Lex Mon Jun 19 12:43:39 2006

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