sea food then eat it
Kirk - don't you remember Disney World? We went to the Aquarium Restaurant and were seated right next to the glass wall which held all the fish - WATCHING us eat their kin?
--YELAS Mon Jun 19 10:15:46 2006
Oh right!

Teehee. That does seem mean.
--Kirk Mon Jun 19 10:28:24 2006
You get to see angels and demons fight on a regular basis? Woah. . .
--The_Lex Mon Jun 19 12:45:31 2006
Hey, I said I crib from other works too...
--Kirk Mon Jun 19 12:48:47 2006
Oh, I should read more closely next time.

Seriously, though, there's plenty of hacks out there that crib from other works all the time.

And besides, as I've written at my blog recently, a lot of stuff in creative works is cribbed from personal experience. . .so nothing wrong and no craftmanship there.
--The_Lex Mon Jun 19 21:44:10 2006

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