"hey, ms tambourine gal..."
The PHC movie was pretty good, but I would've preferred less music and more plot, as well as any reference at all to Lake Wobegon. But they had to create a show that was different from the authentic PHC, and had to do things that worked on film. So the show, as such, ended up being a long stretch of musical acts punctuated by sponsor gags. Worth seeing, though, but it's not the Movie of the Show.
--LAN3 Tue Jun 20 11:06:10 2006
Good, good, M$ link. Nice music too.
--Catherine Wed Jun 21 13:00:34 2006
I saw sminthoeg on television about it. I think the carpet is usually held a design that makes you look away from her. So you can concentrate on the playground, not the colors Boden.Soweit go, it is usually brightly colored. Red, green, purple and gold are widely used. Anything that involves money, power and wealth. Fade colors are really not used very often at all.
--Juliocesar Sat Feb 11 22:48:02 2012
willfuck the fateSo the truth is: fuck the fate or be fucked, there is no 3rd way.A fuck is not just a fuck with love, beacuse when you fuck your love, you fuck each others' brain out.When you guys make a love, you make a new world, and 2 new lives.Most men were not defeated by fate itself, they were defeated by simply the threaten of fate. Yes, the truth is sad.And then under the imaginary prison, the prisoner survives but he never lives.
--Antonieta Sun Aug 12 12:20:23 2012

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