entry 2000
congratters on 2thousand, dude. how does one celebrate such an event?
--miller Wed Jun 21 09:57:43 2006
I wish I knew!

Empirically, by just having a lamer than average regular entry.
--Kirk Wed Jun 21 13:25:05 2006
Why not go out for drinks with people? That always makes for a good celebration. . .until someone has a bit too many and starts a fight. . .but that's always fun to joke about later.
--The_Lex Wed Jun 21 16:49:11 2006
Wow, you Enlightenment-types had more foresight than I ever gave you credit for! Why, back in 1600, Sir Isaac Newton's father wasn't yet born, and here you were, precomposing the 2000th post to a medium that nobody could yet conceive of.
--LAN3 Wed Jun 21 20:22:45 2006

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