the power of hours
Boy. . .you have an issue with celebrating things, huh? You don't know how to do it.
--The_Lex Thu Jun 22 13:47:53 2006
I've been kisrael'd!

I just realized that that segment didn't include what they eventually did with their cockroach kit when the project was over, which is probably one of the most gruesome parts of the documentary. You can't just throw out a tub full of thousands of live cockroaches, and a roach colony of that size is pretty much unkillable. But they sure tried!
--Jeremy Thu Jun 22 14:23:29 2006
Sorry for not crediting the link more ... though I guess youtube kind of covers it...
--Kirk Thu Jun 22 15:16:48 2006
Lex, maybe I am longing for more ritual-y celebrations.

Or maybe i just need to drink more...
--Kirk Thu Jun 22 15:17:18 2006
Drinking does help to cut down on any undue stress from not have any ritual celebrations.

But you do have an interesting topic here that one kibbutz in Israel had a hard time finding a solution: having good ritual celebrations when you're not necessarily all that religious. Have you lost your spontaneity, too?
--The_Lex Thu Jun 22 18:52:54 2006
Here ya go:

Enter your location and it'll spew out sunrise and sunset times, which you can easily import into, say, Excel. (Yes, it should be a sine wave.)
--LAN3 Thu Jun 22 20:20:36 2006
Lex, are you picking on me?

Anyway ritual is kind of the opposite of spontaneity, though both can be celebratory.

I think though that my favorite type of spontaneity is humor.
--Kirk Thu Jun 22 21:27:53 2006
In Phoenix, every extra minute of daylight means another tumor somewhere in the state.
--Nick B Fri Jun 23 00:49:02 2006
Why, yes, I am. =D

Maybe you should celebrate by going to a comedy club or something. If you really want to celebrate, come out to Chicago for some good and cheap ones. Ever hear of Second City?
--The_Lex Fri Jun 23 14:41:31 2006
Second City? The poor man's SNL?
--Kirk Fri Jun 23 14:54:28 2006
Costs more than SNL, and is a lot more funny. After all, SNL had to leech people away from there to get good talent.
--The_Lex Sat Jun 24 01:07:31 2006
Bad Mojo ?!?!? I have that game, in fact I just dug it out a few weeks ago to try an pay it again, it was pretty evocative.

I haven't tried it yet, though, not sure it will run in OSX (Classic).
--Mr. Ibis Sun Jun 25 00:05:18 2006

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