apply directly to the forehead
I stopped playing GTA games after my wife saw me playing it once and noticed how many people I was killing. 

It wasn't enjoyable after that. Games are much more enjoyable when you're killing pixels that really deserve it.
--OzSkeptic Fri Jun 23 12:08:11 2006
Well, I think the moral issues will only come into play when they have AIs with more intelligence than viruses or ants.

--Kirk Fri Jun 23 12:37:40 2006
I agree totally, but I had the same problem when I used to play CIV II and III.... If I played the game in a rotten way morally I didn't enjoy it. Am I alone in this?
--OzSkeptic Fri Jun 23 15:09:01 2006
Not alone, though possibly in a minority. It's all about what motivates you to play games in the first place. (For me it's this idea of wanting to see Novel Interaction, but there are other reasons.)
--Kirk Fri Jun 23 17:21:57 2006

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