radical coolectomy
At my local science Museum, they have a model of jupiter that's, oh, 2 feet across or so, I don't recall exactly, and made of transparent plastic. So there are some nice cloud patterns on the outside, but you can see inside to see that there are almost 1000 mini-Earths inside-- little balls that're roughly painted to resemble Earth. It claims that only 900-some Earths fit as spheres because of stacking losses, but Jupiter does have the volume of 1000 Earths.
--LAN3 Wed Jun 28 10:59:59 2006
yeah....I guess I thought of Jupiter as being many orders of magnitude bigger, not just 3.
--Kirk Wed Jun 28 12:13:30 2006
Actually, I checked up on the display, and the display was 1000 (well, 900-some) Jupiters inside a transparent sun. But either would work; I imagine it's easier to paint 900-some Jupiters than 900-some Earths.
--LAN3 Thu Jun 29 19:16:12 2006

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