let's make a deal
Ran the simulation and was trying for the life of me to work out how the change 1 in 3 probability worked... until I realised it wasn't changing 1 in 3 - the simulation has a bug and is changing the choice every time, instead of one in three. The probability if it were changing 1 in 3 should be (1/3 x 2/3) + (2/3 x 1/3) = 4/9.... not 66%. Not sure if it's how you uploaded it to the page or if it's built wrong?
--Wing and a prayer Tue Jul 4 09:54:22 2006
Oops, you're right! I fiddled with the interface and forgot to change the middle part. Fixed.
--Kirk Tue Jul 4 11:56:28 2006
OK, but what about the Howie Mandel problem?
--Nick B Tue Jul 4 14:23:02 2006
"Howie Mandel's problem is that he treats the game very seriously"-- that's all I could google up...

If I had more energy and photoshop skill and creativity in general I'd try to photoshop up what the Howie Mandelbrot set would look like.
--Kirk Tue Jul 4 15:03:00 2006
I ask because Howie Mandel hosts "Deal or No Deal", which is essentially "Let's Make a Deal" with 20 doors.
--Nick B Wed Jul 5 00:39:42 2006
Oh, yeah, I've only seen bits and pieces of that. Seems super-stressfull, I guess part of the joy is watching the contestant squirm.

Was Howie Mandel that comedian who used to have hair and then inflate a rubber glove over his head? Or am I thinking of someone else?
--Kirk Wed Jul 5 08:12:16 2006
He is one and the same. 
--yelm Wed Jul 5 10:44:42 2006
Weird. I guess I had no chance of recognizing him w/ the radical change in hairstyle. And he used to be skinnier, right?
--Kirk Wed Jul 5 12:15:55 2006
... but now I get that urge to do the picking and switching myself ... game fever!
--Katrin Thu Mar 29 22:30:48 2007

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