Kirk, you are teh sex.

Personally, I don't like fireworks. I think they're kinda lame, but whatever FLOATS YOUR BOAT. Or kayak, as the case may be.
--Candi Wed Jul 5 11:51:37 2006
Is it just me or does that last firework pic look like a Pomeranian?
--LAN3 Wed Jul 5 13:59:08 2006
Eek, fireworks are the devil's spawn. It's uncanny how little you've changed, you look the same! Ksenia has a really striking face.
--Johnny from Portugal Wed Jul 12 22:23:06 2006
Jul06  I rlaely need to try this. I've done a few wood cuts and lino-cuts in art school, but have never made a stamp size. That would be so fun.   
--Elaine Mon Feb 13 14:41:39 2012
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