I like listening to "a cappella" because its different. And the groups always seem to have so much fun!
--Candi Thu Jul 6 09:02:38 2006
Well, I do dig the vocal percussion. And actually sometimes it introduces me to parts of popular music I might've missed by not listening to music radio much. But overall, it seems really silly.
--Kirk Thu Jul 6 09:08:16 2006
have you ever heard/seen the cappella version of classic nintendo theme music? totally awesome.
--miller Thu Jul 6 12:17:12 2006
Yeah... I like how they used something like it for the background of the "retro" levels in Super Mario Sunshine...
--Kirk Thu Jul 6 12:21:09 2006
Oh, c'mon... didn't you ever get into the 'Bubs?
--Max Thu Jul 6 18:54:13 2006
Into? Err, not really, though there covers of Major Tom and Sympathy for the Devil were pretty good. Big egos, though.
--Kirk Fri Jul 7 08:25:23 2006

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