heely thyself
I bought a pair about that long ago, thinking it would be perfect to help out my walking commute. I found that I couldn't coast very well on them considering the way our sidewalks are segmented, and also my workplace is slightly uphill. Then I coasted downhill too fast once, took a spill in a parking lot, and injured my hands quite badly. I haven't worn them since, and they're still in my closet. 

One has an insanely oversized shoelace because that was before I learned to tie my shoes the proper way. I'd offer them to you but I forget my shoe size. They were like $100.
--Nick B Fri Jul 7 14:16:51 2006
also: Pringles are made of dough?!
--Nick B Fri Jul 7 14:17:51 2006
Actually, I found out recently that I don't really like Pringles. The dough thing might be why. When I want a baked potato chip, I go for Baked Lays.
--Nick B Fri Jul 7 15:31:03 2006
This reminded me of Microserfs, one of my favourite books ever. Do you know what I think you would enjoy? Nicholson Baker's Mezzanine. It's like geek heaven, I love it (though I'm only a wannabe geek, sadly)
--Johnny from Portugal Wed Jul 12 22:20:23 2006

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