pluck your magic twanger, froggy (?)
Yep, that twang is frogs.
--The_Lex Mon Jul 10 10:11:28 2006
Kirk, what is a blog?
--Linda Murray Mon Jul 10 10:19:31 2006
Hey Linda, nice to see you here!

A "blog" is a regularly updated website. Usually either by (and about) one person, and/or on a specific topic (not of general interest, so "" doesn't really count)

Blogs often have a "reverse chronological" format with the new stuff on top so that regular readers don't have to scroll down to see the new content.

This site is a bit of a Blog, but with more of an emphasis on quotes and links than many other blogs, which are often even more focused on the author's life.
--Kirk Mon Jul 10 11:02:39 2006
Huh, so maybe that is where "Pluck Your Magic Twanger" got its genesis-- though I wouldn't know the expression if it hadn't been on the "Pac Man Fever" album in the 80s.
--Kirk Mon Jul 10 11:03:20 2006
The Buster Brown Show every Saturday, first on radio, and then on TV. the host would introduce Froggy the Gremlin, saying....

"Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!!"
(sound effect) Twaaaaaaggggggg
Froggy in a gruff voice,"Hiya, kids, Hiya, hiya!!"

--xoxoxo Bruce Mon Jul 10 19:49:49 2006
Err, I meant to say, I knew it came from some older show, but they got the idea for it from the twanging sound frogs make, and then Pac Man Fever fished it out of the memepool of the 80s looking at the 50s.
--Kirk Mon Jul 10 20:45:32 2006
Huh. Never heard that saying before.
--The_Lex Mon Jul 10 22:40:36 2006
I sense your early life was Pac Man Fever deficient. Perhaps you exhibited some basic immunity.
--Kirk Tue Jul 11 07:01:40 2006
Interesting way to put it.
--The_Lex Wed Jul 12 01:08:12 2006

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