what not to name a car
Why do you feel Impala SS is worst than Nova SS, Chevelle SS, Camaro SS, Cobalt SS, TrailBlazer SS, Monte Carlo SS, Malibu SS, or the Corvette SS that started it all in '57?
--xoxoxo Bruce Sun Jul 16 12:45:51 2006
They're all pretty bad.. I don't think "Super Sport" is clever enough to make up for the unfortunate historical reference. However, "Impala" is the worst. Even if it is an antelope, I don't think "Impale" is good lexikarma for an automotive name.
--Kirk Sun Jul 16 13:46:17 2006
more on that badge:
--Kirk Sun Jul 16 13:47:01 2006
"She was the boyfriend..." ?? 
--LAN3 Sun Jul 16 16:35:03 2006
Oh, fussy.
--Kirk Sun Jul 16 19:25:55 2006
I think you're too damn politically correct.
The Super Sport tag has a long honored history with Chevy without any complaints about Nazi ties.
It was created in a time when people realized the Nazis were bad but they were also history, defeated.
The country was looking to the future instead of wallowing in the past.
Yeah, yeah, I know, if you forget the past you're doomed to repeat it. You don't have to forget the past to not be so freaked out by anything that could vaguely be a reminder of it. C'mon, SS can stand for a million different things. Move on.
And an Impala is a beautiful, graceful animal. Impale is a stretch that normal people don't make. What, do away with Chrysler because it sounds like Christ-ler?
--xoxoxo bruce Mon Jul 17 08:01:55 2006
It's not political correctness and it's not that I'm "freaked out". I just when I hear "SS" I don't think of cars... in fact I had to dig up that it stood for "Super Sport" ... and that is a dorky name anyway. It doesn't roll off the tongue either, it sounds like you've got a mild speech impediment when you say it.

And "Impala" is no better a name than "Antelope" would be, except it sounds more cool and foreign.
--Kirk Mon Jul 17 12:28:21 2006

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