told me where to go, and no mistake!
I had that same reaction to Bush's statement "He sounds like he's on the ball" - which excited some cognitave dissonance to be sure.

Also, ArtBeat! I miss it!
--Mr. Ibis Mon Jul 17 13:36:46 2006
Yo, that's what's up turthuflly.
--Brandilyn Tue Sep 6 20:04:54 2011
upZPwD Internet is written with the capital letter in a sentence, by the way. And hundredths are written not with a point but with a comma. This is according to the standard. And actually everything is very good..!!
--buy cheap oem software Sat Feb 11 14:02:51 2012
Any method to print reutrn address on back envelope flap, except setting up envelope as a regular (sized) document and adjusting print placement? (after mail merge has printed primary address on front)Thanksdkp
--Ehlzada Fri Apr 5 02:32:59 2013

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