we're gonna make fettucini outta you, alfredo!
It's all part of the charm of your site.

As for clubbing in Boston, yeah, Tequila Rain sucks from my experience. The fiancee made a good point to me, though, Boston works well for the student and recently post-student crowd. Not that great for the more adult crowd.

And on another note: remember how you mentioned once the difficulty of moving somewhere new because of finding a job through networking? Well, I met someone who works as a Sales Engineer for Red Hat. Maybe the whole disapora away from Boston can work for you, if you ever find yourself in a bum job market or just plain looking to get away from Boston.
--The_Lex Mon Jul 24 00:52:29 2006
I can alrdaey tell that's gonna be super helpful.
--Chianna Tue Sep 6 22:04:24 2011
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Well its a long story rlealy it probably involves heavy drinking, cigarettes being smoked from asses, breaking of an air mattress and who else knows what. But, I'd say that is what the story may involve if it has to be a story at all.OH and thanks for the welcome! Can't wait to contribute more!
--Demi Mon Feb 13 16:29:10 2012
Reading this makes my decisions eeaisr than taking candy from a baby.
--Bardo Thu Feb 16 00:08:30 2012
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