summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime
I like it. If you worry about people not liking the rambles, though, you could always put the ramble at the end.
--The_Lex Thu Jul 27 11:20:21 2006
One of the things I like about it is not having to come up with a "of the moment" header for it...
--Kirk Thu Jul 27 11:46:11 2006
I like your rambles! But then again, I'd like whatever you did.
--Candi Thu Jul 27 11:50:07 2006
Good job on your 20 lb. weight loss thus far. I too am starting back up on the losing weight stuff. I started on May 1st and lost 14 pounds since but in between there kind of did the usual which is stop. But I still do weigh 14 lbs. less then I did on May 1st so I'm back to trying again and seeking to lose at least 40 more lbs.. I had a baby girl in October 2005 so I could blame it on that but that's not really an excuse. Anyhow, good job and keep it up!
--Jenny from OH Thu Jul 27 12:23:02 2006
I assume you're not a Jenny from Euclid, OH, or Cleveland Heights, OH that I went to school with? (Pretty popular name I'm afraid)... anyway congrats on not having gained back what you lost, and good luck going forward!
--Kirk Thu Jul 27 14:01:47 2006
--Jenny Thu Jul 27 15:23:05 2006
Oh hey! How is it going?
--Kirk Thu Jul 27 17:34:05 2006
Great! Happily married for 7 years to Steve C. and just had our first baby girl in Oct. 2005. Teaching Special Ed. grades 4 and 5 in Cleve.. for 7 years and soon starting my 8th year there. Not living in Euclid anymore. A different burb of Cleve. however.
--Jenny Fri Jul 28 07:00:19 2006

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