I don't know. The things I most yearned for, most of them happened eventually. And most of the time, it was either disappointing, or fleeting.
--Nick B Sat Jul 29 15:18:00 2006
I agree, Nick. It never meets my sweet imagination.
I wonder if the people that get what they want most, do so because they set realistic goals?
--xoxoxo Bruce Sat Jul 29 17:42:32 2006
I'm expecting my most yearned things to come true. Then again, I've combined fing idealistic stubborness with realism. =D
--The_Lex Sat Jul 29 21:24:01 2006
Hey all John here. I can testify to the taste and hetlah benefits of these pancakes. A few things worth mentioning. You can add more than one egg to the mix as well as you can even add some protein powder for even more protein per serving. Be careful, the biggest first time making of the pancake mistake will be either the batter is too runny or to thick. The batter should pour onto the pan like regular pancake batter . Remember you can always add water, but not take away. Oh, and use NATURAL Peanut butter to keep it hetlahly!! Pure fruit spread is awesome on top too!
--Piotrek Thu Jan 17 17:11:33 2013

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