synthaesia is not an 80s band
If AIM won't let you toggle real name or whatnot, you could switch to Trillian, which has almost all the features of AIM and does indeed let you rename your buddies, so if you wanted, you could have both, say, "kirkjerk - Kirk I."
--LAN3 Sun Jul 30 15:07:08 2006
Yeah, and not to sound too fussy, but I wasn't crazy about the sound set Trillian came with.

Far and away the best 3rd party msg software I've seen is "Adium X" for Mac. For starters, they even have the AIM soundset as an option!
--Kirk Mon Jul 31 08:07:45 2006
That's really shrwed! Good to see the logic set out so well.
--Jeannie Thu Jul 28 22:15:02 2011
HiWe need to have some of our staff access our OpenSource-Server TeamLab via BOSH (XMPP over HTTPS) beuacse of firewall restrictions where they are located.We have our TeamLab operating at so believe we need to set the BOSH URL in the Chat Client (Pidgin  one of the ones that you explicitly state you support) to something like:Please advise if you support this? What do we need to do to activate it on IIS? What URL should we set in the Client?Many thanks,Paul
--Jader Fri Jan 18 07:47:59 2013

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