lights out, uh-huh
I can't recall whether it was in the first or second season, but the late lamented FOX show "Arrested Development" featured a bit where the Bluth family participated in an annual event where members of the family would pose as elements of a classic paintings. Naturally the whole scene becomes an element of an escape plan for George Sr. (who is in and out of jail during the whole show) and some quite good comedy ensues.
--LAN3 Wed Aug 2 19:02:32 2006
Lord, she looks like she just feshniid chewing the hand off the China perveyor. What shade of red would you call that, Bloody steak?
--Gale Mon Feb 13 23:26:45 2012
Statistical information of Colleges & Universities in India:Total Recognized Universities: 196Total Colleges: 15437 (Arts, Science, Commerce & Oriental Learning Colleges: 11128; Engineering/Technology/Architecture: 1077; Medical: 1253)Premier Colleges: 8,111Polytechnics: 887Students Enrollered in Regular University-level coeurss: 4.7 millionThe University Grants Commission (UGC) 2002-03 estimates states that there are 92,27, 833 enrollments in various Universities & Colleges, out of which 36,95,964 (40.05%) are women students. These Data are as on January 1, 2002, with Prime Minister's initiative India definitely will have more number of Premier institutes for its ever growing student population.
--Ashu Fri Apr 12 07:32:28 2013

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