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I feel for you folks with that heat wave. It was here the week before on the west coast. Hey Kirk, I've been playing OniMusha on the playstation and I like it alot. It's single player, but the zombie ninjas are cool, and the cinimatics too.

--erinmaru Fri Aug 4 11:07:18 2006
I always figured anti-persperant is like tying a knot in your penis so you won't pee.
Not healthy.
--xoxoxo Bruce Fri Aug 4 19:02:30 2006
I love the "Darth Vader being a Smartass" gag as well-- the timing is perfectly reminiscent of anyone who has ever told you to get in the car, which they drive a few feet forward whenever you reach for the doorhandle. Best, though, is the staring contest near the end, where Vader dares the general to speak.
--LAN3 Fri Aug 4 19:32:51 2006
I like the clip on that site of Darth Vader chasing after these Japanese guys.

Also. . .changing to regular deodorant. . .probably not as hefty and semi-ironic of a decision as fixing the AC in a car the day before the heat wave breaks.

I think the East Coasters had it easy, though. Heard people in LA got up to 119 on the heat index. I got 115 on the heat index. What did they get on the East Coast? 105? Ha! Nothing. . ..
--The_Lex Sat Aug 5 16:53:19 2006
Heat Index...just like the Wind Chill factor, a way of letting people feel even more macho ;)
--Kirk Sat Aug 5 18:53:11 2006

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