a visit from the laissez-fairies
Wham bam thank you, ma'am, my qeutsions are answered!
--Agatha Sat Sep 10 04:17:53 2011
I'm not running this wkeeend, but I really wish I was! Or at least going to watch. It'd be a super fun marathon to spectate. Maybe next year I love Krusteaz mixes too!! Not so sure about that awful name, though, haha. And no shame in making banana bread from the box. Some of those box mixes are pretty amazing. True story: when my parents first got married, my Dad kept raving and raving about his mom's amazing banana bread. My Mom tried every recipe she could find and he kept saying it didn't come close. Finally she asked my grandma what her secret was and my grandma told her she just used a certain box mix and added an extra banana! haha Sometimes the simplest recipe is the best
--Etsuko Thu Jan 17 14:43:32 2013

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