eraserhead meets pumpkinhead
Catnip and melatonin are my saviors to fight against insomnia. I no longer feel shame about using chemical aids.
--The_Lex Thu Aug 10 11:24:30 2006
Well, fortunately I had much better luck sleeping when I tried being "not in the middle aisle of a loud plain with screaming children".

Though on the chemical front, I think 2 beers in Oakland helped with sleeping on the hopover to Vegas...but then again I had a window seat to slouch up against.
--Kirk Thu Aug 10 11:59:47 2006
Alcohol in the airport and on the plane always make things interesting. I've found after having to wake up at 3:30 AM (even though I woke up at 4:30) and drinking some catnip tea and taking melatonin, I've reset my sleepy chemical levels for a week or so.

But yes, children on planes suck. That would make a great spoof to "Snakes on a Plane," "Children on a Plane." Get the guy from Office Space or someone else blase like that and just come up with some silly stuff. . .but I guess that would make a possible Airplane rip off or something.
--The_Lex Thu Aug 10 14:28:37 2006
Having flown with my son several times, I can say that the baby is likely crying because of the air pressure. Sucking on a bottle, soother, or breast will often fix the problem. The baby is probably also hungrym tired, cranky, uncomfortable and fed up at having to wait and be otherwise confined. You probably felt the same way, but have years of self control.

Just wait until they get older and can start kicking your seatback.

--ericball Fri Aug 11 11:38:10 2006
I know, I wasn't really blaming the kid, or the parent.... but it didn't make the situation less annoying.
--Kirk Fri Aug 11 12:37:57 2006

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