liquids pastes -n- gels
Better would be a Liquids Bank at the baggage claim, where you can surrender your stuff ahead of time and get a claim check to be cashed in at your destination. But it's another line to wait in.

But it doesn't matter. The terrorists are winning, as airports turn slowly into prisons.

Whither freedom?
--Nick B Fri Aug 11 10:17:10 2006
A police affair is an excellent way of thinking about it. These aren't soldiers trying to take over by force - they're one step up from vandals and bullies. The focus shouldn't be on 100% prevention, but increasing the effort required for them to be successful.

Personally, I'm not looking forward to travelling when I can't bring my own bottled water to drink when flights get delayed.
--ericball Fri Aug 11 11:42:33 2006

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