begining to give up her fight
DICEWARS kind of sounds like GNOME TRIBES.
--The_Lex Sat Aug 12 21:11:15 2006
My favorite season is fall. It always signified a return to school and a return to my friends. Since I wont be returning to school or my friends this fall, it will be kinda sad.
--Candi Sun Aug 13 06:12:34 2006
Fall for sure. I like the spring/fall weather the best, and in the fall, you get the addition of wood smoke from fires, the beauty of the foliage, the relief of cool evenings after three months of heat, etc.
--Max Sun Aug 13 17:03:08 2006
I agree with you about the tragically unfulfilled potential of the summer months, and how it sort of nags at you when you come to the end of another one.

So it's sort of good that Fall is my favorite. But then, there isn't much of a Fall here, so for the moment I'm deprived.
--Mr. Ibis Mon Aug 14 13:38:55 2006

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