eyes as black as ink
What I don't get is how people manage to watch the late-late show and still get to work before noon. I suppose I could TiVo the show, but then I wouldn't watch it until the next night, after everyone has discuss the show around the watercooler.
--ericball Thu Aug 17 09:29:53 2006
P/R is my only must see tv. It is such a hoot...but fun. Thanks for the blog link.
--YELM Thu Aug 17 11:55:29 2006
I'm a fan of reality gameshows where there's actual competition instead of contrived antagonism, and Runway is superb. It's above many other shows because it actually makes good TV while showing people engaged in actual creativity.

The only runway-related blog I've followed, though, is the ultra-snarky "Project RunGay" at http://projectrungay.blogspot.com/ , which consists of a little commentary and a lot of photocaption humor using screengrabs of the show. Also has links to all the designer's websites in the sidebar. Real fast read as well, so don't miss the archives.
--LAN3 Thu Aug 17 12:24:12 2006
Yeah, I was having a talk with Tim on the way to work about the relative merits of "reality" shows... he thinks they're all contrived, and even the "productive" ones like Project Runway and Top Chef aren't so good because they deal with contrived situation (like P.R. last night was dresses made of recycled material, and *always* the pace is much faster than in the real world).

I agree that the person who wins one of these may not be the best designer for the "real world", but still, they show real talent under low-resource conditions, but overall I find the whole genre very compelling... in general, if 3rd party judges are in play it's going to be ok, but if it's just players voting on other players playing "fear factor"-ish games, I'm not gonna be interested.

On the other hand, Fear Factor is kind of compelling in its own right.
--Kirk Thu Aug 17 12:39:23 2006
Random point, the Bravo website has some fairly interesting extra footage. A bit more raw, and you have to sit through a little commercial, but if you're into the show it might well be worthwhile.
--Kirk Thu Aug 17 18:36:32 2006
It's difficult for me to express what divides the shows I like from the shows I dislike. I dislike Big Brother and the Real World (well, I liked the first season), I like Amazing Race, Hell's Kitchen, Runway, Survivor, and, in principle The Apprentice, but that last show has had such astonishingly bad casting-- the idiots they put on the show are at times telegenic and make for interesting conflict on the show, and they generally are good looking, but at the same time, every business manager I know screams at the foul instincts of and bizarre choices by these people. It's just as bad as if "Hell's Kitchen" cast a dozen people who do more reheating than cooking.

I guess I just like it most when there's a live gameshow in the forefront of the show, rather than a banal endurance competition or talent show.

I also like the documentary-style reality show-- The Casino, Inked, &c. but I don't go out of my way to watch them.
--LAN3 Thu Aug 17 19:43:41 2006
What if you dont like any late night TV people?
--Candi Fri Aug 18 05:37:32 2006
Candi, then you're hosed.

LAN3, so why do you think Survivor falls in the "like" category?
--Kirk Fri Aug 18 06:40:36 2006
Sad that Alison got offed, even if I can understand why. The guy, however, had such consistent ass work. . ..
--The_Lex Fri Aug 18 10:38:08 2006

It's interesting, some shows seem to make a point of only judging "how did they do THIS challenge", while other ones (Ks had "designstar", interior design) have the judges talking about how they see the people performing over the course of many challenges.
--Kir Fri Aug 18 11:28:23 2006
Err, that should be "Kirk".
--Kirk Fri Aug 18 11:28:33 2006
Alison was real cute, too. =D
--The_Lex Fri Aug 18 20:02:25 2006
Alison was truly adorable.

Survivor I like because it was the first of the many reality shows to follow, and somehow the formula works. I like to make fun of the show, but it's also a don't miss for some reason. I like the physical and mental challenges, pitting team against team, and throwing the lot of them in a slightly hostile environment.
--LAN3 Sat Aug 19 01:44:10 2006
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