...he's gone! but he left a note in the mailbox... surely that will explain everything.
The Comics Curmudgeon is funnier in an immediate way; Funny Pages was funnier in a more aggregate way. They tended to build up their jokes better, as they had a week's worth of material to work with.

But I also read FP for a couple of years, and I've read CC for a couple of weeks. I may prove myself wrong.
--Bill the Splut Wed Aug 23 23:09:11 2006
I see your point Bill.

I think what I most remember from that is the judgement of For Better Or Worse... "For Worse!" "For Better!"
--Kirk Thu Aug 24 06:34:10 2006
A wonderful job. Super helpful inforamiton.
--Trevion Tue Oct 18 03:24:39 2011

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