what you need, when you need it
I read that as "Taito prisoners."

It made sense at first, in the sort of "Help, I'm trapped in a video game factory" sense.
--LAN3 Thu Aug 24 11:36:38 2006

Actually I was trying to think of a good word there. My first word was "legends", but face it, they're no Miyamotos...
--Kirk Thu Aug 24 12:08:40 2006
I was looking for some Zelda-related thing, and I saw one of these squatter sites that actually employed a picture of Link next to a bunch of auto-generated links, most of which had to do with Zelda, but actually linked to scammy auction sites.
--Nick B Thu Aug 24 12:54:54 2006
vqiw atjrudgm ngosrkp wfjirqs aybg uvjntam tywkgdm
--jzxgea qkhx Mon Jan 19 03:01:03 2009
Ah yes, nielcy put, everyone.
--Nelia Fri Jul 29 03:23:32 2011
With all these silly webtsies, such a great page keeps my internet hope alive.
--Lada Mon Feb 13 04:54:15 2012

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