the merry merry marriott
i'd most certainly buy a duvet cover from her - she's hella cute!

won't your company cover minibar-type treats for you?
--FoSO Thu Aug 31 08:03:01 2006
oh, probably... I dunno. Sometimes I think business trips are a form of penance, and while I'm not quite monk-like, I try to avoid indulgences that I wouldn't be willing to pay for myself were I on vacation.
--Kirk Thu Aug 31 10:43:58 2006
She is cute, but is she a nubile 25-year-old model who'll sleep with me if I buy the thing, or a charming 8-year-old model who'll want ice-cream for breakfast, I can't tell!

Kirk, check your bill for minibar activity anyway-- these modern minibars uses sensors to detect whether you've so much as moved stuff around-- must be RFID or something. They don't use people to inventory those things.
--LAN3 Thu Aug 31 11:30:36 2006
I would not buy a duvet cover from her. She's creepy.
--Candi Thu Aug 31 11:50:41 2006
"This duvet remains perfectly white even if you toss a severed head on it!

If only that Hollywood guy in The Godfather had had this duvet, the movie could've turned out entirely different!
--LAN3 Sat Sep 2 16:31:29 2006

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