what did we learn this week, children?
I was somewhat surprised by the MA being 5 or 6 on the least obese place. . .especially since I moved to Chicago, I've seen less obese people. But apparently the city doesn't compare to the suburbs around here for obesity.
--The_Lex Fri Sep 1 10:15:46 2006
You can't hide your intelligence. You are a genius!
--Candi Fri Sep 1 11:11:19 2006
Why thanks Candi. It's nice reading that after seeing how I spelled my state "Massachuseets"
--Kirk Fri Sep 1 11:52:42 2006
And your misuse of "there" instead of "their" in item number 1...


--FoSO Sat Sep 2 06:39:10 2006
meh spelling and grammar are just semantics :p
--Candi Sat Sep 2 06:42:38 2006
Yeah, Not coincidentally, I used the other "there" correctly before that, and one leaked over into the other.

I have a tangental/leaky mind.
--Kirk Sat Sep 2 08:37:08 2006
Cool! That's a clever way of looknig at it!
--Janesa Tue Apr 26 21:11:11 2011
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