deerhill and dale
Have to admit: Even though I get stationed at an outlet mall for one job, I still don't get them.

You should also check out the White House B+B in Wilmington. Nice one.
--The_Lex Wed Sep 6 20:49:43 2006
I miss VT! I'm so jealous! *pouts*
--Candi Thu Sep 7 05:06:10 2006
There were even more hippies and bikers than I expected.

A lot of beards, in all.
--Kirk Thu Sep 7 09:01:31 2006
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--oem software Sun Feb 12 06:43:13 2012
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--Adobe OEM Software Thu Mar 8 06:09:00 2012
 to save me even thinking about wainthcg this show, what the hell are the fathers doing in that pageant show? How are they portrayed (if at all)?Happy Birthday team, great episode!@Dave, I've emailed Josh about this before, but as a new(ish) Dad, my daughter is nearly 2, I highly recommend Sesame Street and Play School when you think your child is old enough, I'm convinced that wainthcg those shows has made my daughter seem well advanced for her age .. (admittedly I'm biased)
--Keyth Sat Jan 5 14:09:50 2013

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