the glee of geek
I raelly needed to find this info, thank God!
--Dayana Tue Oct 18 19:51:24 2011
C3YuG1 Somewhere in the Internet I have already read almost the same selection of information, but anyway thanks!!...
--buy cheap oem software Sat Feb 11 23:54:40 2012
RK  I've not used an iPhone with the Dension, but maybe someone else here has. What vrsieon of the firmware are you running? You also mention a dock' and a cradle' could you clarify what you mean? Do you have a wire that connects to the iPhone dock connector (bottom of iPhone) or do you have a cradle which the iPhone sits in or do you have both?If one works but the other doesn't, are you sure the other is connecting correctly? Have you got fluff inside the iPhone dock connector?What head unit is this attached to?
--Alejandra Sun Jan 6 19:29:53 2013

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