it's time to party like it's 09/09/09
Why would evite be an unreliable way of getting invites?
--Max Fri Sep 8 08:50:17 2006
Tip: proofread. Snarky ;b
--The_Lex Fri Sep 8 09:15:01 2006
heh, funny, "after an afternoon" becomes "aftern an afternoon".

Evite might be unreliable if it doesn't make it through people's SPAM filters or otherwise doesn't deliver the email you assume it does.
--Kirk Fri Sep 8 10:52:09 2006
or you could assume that your friends don't much like to use it and try another approach.
--FoSO Fri Sep 8 11:05:11 2006
hehe I'll let you know what our plans are going to be. It's weird, I dont really have many friends in the MA area and 3 different people have invited me out Saturday afternoon/night!
--Candi Fri Sep 8 11:38:13 2006
Yes FoSO, I know you don't dig on Evite. Which is funny, because you were one of the relatively few people to check in and then respond. It's that you don't like the everyone seeing everyone else's respnses, or the general lack of privacy, or what?

I will try to get away from evite, though I admit it's kind of fun to make up a custom graphic and have a URL for a thing without hosting it myself, and theoretically the response tracking is nifty, but the level of disconnect with it is getting a bit annoying.

--Kirk Fri Sep 8 15:34:34 2006
i think it's super cheezy, esp for someone with your skills, to use their prepacked and unoriginal format. i want to go to interesting parties, not ones where the host was lazy about the invite...

that said, i do understand it's a convenient way for the host to organize.
--FoSO Sat Sep 9 06:38:27 2006
yeah, but...did you SEE the custom image I made? S. on a Plane? Brilliant!
--Kirk Sat Sep 9 13:28:24 2006

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