the air was filled with yelling and smoke and bullets
It costs my store 2 cents for a plastic bag, whereas a similiarly sized paper bag is a nickel. Not a big difference, but it adds up quickly.
--Bill the Splut Sat Sep 9 21:02:23 2006
I use plastic because they have more potential for re-use in my household. We have cats to clean up after, and they're indoor cats.
--The_Lex Sun Sep 10 08:20:16 2006
Hi Kirk...

Paper or plastic...the best solution is to bring your own bags. Supermarkets in France have sturdy ones you buy for a small amount, they mark the date and when they wear out they GIVE you a replacement

--DL Mon Sep 11 15:32:24 2006
That's a good point. Though sometimes my life doesn't reflect that amount of organization, in terms of deliberately setting out to a specific store, as opposed to just running in on an ad hoc basis.
--Kirk Tue Sep 12 08:56:48 2006

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