we got ibis! we got mr. ibis on a m-f'in plane!!
Love the picture. It kinda makes Mr. Ibis look like a bad ass terrorist villain for a cheesy movie. I could see him and Michael Ironside causing all types of problems on a plane.
--The_Lex Sun Sep 10 08:22:32 2006
He pointed out that it's really not the greatest photo of him...and now he's shaved his head, giving him a bit of an Anton LaVey look...
--Kirk Sun Sep 10 08:30:19 2006
He still has this great evil yet tempting look, though.
--The_Lex Sun Sep 10 21:29:34 2006
He looks like a heavily tranquilized Philip Seymour Hoffmann in that photo.
--Cordelia Mon Sep 11 13:08:03 2006
Had to look him up but... oh yeah, THAT guY!

He reminds me of my friend Todd Beecher from 5th grade.
--Kirk Mon Sep 11 13:34:45 2006
Didn't Hoffmann play an evil guy once or twice?

I still think Mr. Ibis looks up to no good in that picture, as if he aims to misbehave.
--The_Lex Mon Sep 11 18:44:35 2006
FbNk5C Hello! How do you feel about young composers?!...
--oem software Sun Feb 12 02:35:21 2012
Oct02Pete  Thanks HUD. There are 5 or so downhill tkracs at Tarrengower. The pics are from an area called The Butts, you pass it at the bottom of the hill on your right, most of the downhill is on the left. There is an old downhill track above The Butts, I think it is/was called Terror. Some of the pics are on that. With nothing signposted on Tarrengower and lots of old walking, vehicle, animal tkracs etc all over the place there's no easy way to explain it  the best bet is just to go up there and start exploring, that's what I did. It's a lot fun that way too.
--Faizan Mon Jan 7 00:35:37 2013

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