we got ibis! we got mr. ibis on a m-f'in plane!!
Love the picture. It kinda makes Mr. Ibis look like a bad ass terrorist villain for a cheesy movie. I could see him and Michael Ironside causing all types of problems on a plane.
--The_Lex Sun Sep 10 08:22:32 2006
He pointed out that it's really not the greatest photo of him...and now he's shaved his head, giving him a bit of an Anton LaVey look...
--Kirk Sun Sep 10 08:30:19 2006
He still has this great evil yet tempting look, though.
--The_Lex Sun Sep 10 21:29:34 2006
He looks like a heavily tranquilized Philip Seymour Hoffmann in that photo.
--Cordelia Mon Sep 11 13:08:03 2006
Had to look him up but... oh yeah, THAT guY!

He reminds me of my friend Todd Beecher from 5th grade.
--Kirk Mon Sep 11 13:34:45 2006
Didn't Hoffmann play an evil guy once or twice?

I still think Mr. Ibis looks up to no good in that picture, as if he aims to misbehave.
--The_Lex Mon Sep 11 18:44:35 2006

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