the battlin' geoducks
"Holy Name of Jesus Poodles!" sounds like a shocked expostulation.
--Cordelia Tue Sep 12 13:31:41 2006
I've told my wife she's getting the Canon S3 for Christmas. (Though a NIB S2 would do the job if I could get a deep discount.) The main reason is the 12x zoom & the image stabilization (plus it eats standard SD cards instead of Sony sticks). She's into NASCAR and she wants more reach than 200mm SLR she took with her this year. 

As you say, I don't need that many megapixels. Check out for some good commentary on why bigger pixels are better. Quality over quantity.

--ericball Tue Sep 12 14:43:54 2006
Megapixels not so important for the screen. Better resolution for the actual graphic, though, would be important to me. Ever see a digital picture blown up?
--The_Lex Tue Sep 12 21:24:11 2006
Actually, I think even a single megapixel image blows up pretty well.
--Kirk Tue Sep 12 23:32:53 2006
The problem with 6MP vs 4MP is the sensor size typically remains the same. This means each pixel gets smaller. Smaller pixels are less sensitive to light and noisier. Thus although you may have more pixels, the net image quality has gone down. (Which is why I wouldn't mind getting the S2.)

Apparently they had a 1MP sensor on the mars landers which took amazing pictures because it had a very large, high quality sensor.

--ericball Wed Sep 13 11:01:27 2006
this new camera has some F'in noisy pixels in low light. That sucks.
--Kirk Wed Sep 13 12:50:13 2006
Lame logoserver! It doesn't have the Fighting Whities, an intramural basketball team from the University of Northern Colorado!
--LAN3 Wed Sep 13 23:56:39 2006

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